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The Misadventures of SuperMilo

Welcome to The Misadventures of SuperMilo

What happens when you give superpowers to the world's most irresponsible party animal? Watch out! This ain't no super man, he's SUPERMILO! And now he's here to live up to his own super code: With great power comes really great parties! But when the original steward of the secret to his super powers comes back to see how he's been using this gift to the planet Earth, to what extremes will SuperMilo go keep them? And just how much can the people of Clemmons City take before they decide to forcefully expel their little super-nuisance? Find out in the continuing Misadventures of SuperMilo, now both a comic strip and full page series! SuperMilo © William Boyer 1994-2009 SuperMilo has a MySpace page! Chat it up with the superhero and check out comic updates and media coverage now at !

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Jun 21 2017 12:34 pm

Hiatus Temporarily Lifts!

Hey, MiloHeads!

Or is that hopeful future "MiloHeads?" Anyway, hey! The Hiatus is temporarily being lifted here on SmackJeeves! Why?!? How?!? Where's the Beef?!? Except for that last one, I think I can answer!

It's like this: I had been focusing uploading the comic primarily on different sites after leaving SmackJeeves. It went from DrunkDuck to my own website to ComicFury (it's easier when we don't have to manage and create our own website coding and etc). Mostly just ComicFury now. I had originally wanted to post only color, but I did black and white from fall of 2013 to the fall of 2014, or somewhere about that time. I wanted to wait until I colored everything before I posted here, but I've long since decided that color will probably be only for printed trades, black and white being free. However I admit I don't have a lot of time to color SuperMilo these days. Anywho, I'm proud to present the next, missing chapter of SuperMilo here on Smackjeeves: "Enter the SpaceWorm!" But, wait, there's more!

As a bonus, and because my Patreon failed, you'll also receive all of the extra Patreon exclusive pages created for "Enter the Space Worm!" The prologue before the original colored content and the new Wormy bonus story will however remain as special content to entice people to buy the printed books (or support my Patreon, if I don't delete it), however.

We've got updates for you until 2018! Check back here every Friday/Saturday at midnight! Enjoy, you future hopeful MiloHeads! ;-)

- Cartoonist William Boyer

P.S. - You can read ahead @ (without the Patreon exclusives), check out Hip Hop I'm penciling, inking, and lettering for Empire Comics Lab with Dan Johnson and Kevin S. Halter @ , or check out my Christian comics here or @ and !

May 05 2015 01:49 pm


Hey, peeps!

Sorry that SuperMilo disappeared from SmackJeeves!

We're now on and have been since 2013!

Please donate to our KickStarter Campaign! We have until May 27th, 2015!

The link on the flyer is incorrect, so please click below:

Aug 12 2009 01:58 pm

Drunk Duck!

SuperMilo has expanded to Drunk Duck's website as well! Look forward to us hosting on many other web-comic communities in the future!

Aug 08 2009 04:20 pm

SuperMilo Now Online!

Welcome, everyone!

This is the cartoonist Will Boyer and I'm proud to present to you The Misadventures of SuperMilo! This web-comic is extremely close and personal to my heart as my friends and I originally created and continued this character and his adventures as a comic book between the years 1994 to 1999. Now, a decade since the last consistent updates to the comic, SUPERMILO returns in an all new web-comic set for publication!

As the web-comic gains popularity online we will be planning to self-publish the work and sell the collected volumes at upcoming comic book conventions such as WTH con in Greensboro and Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, along with any of our other current book series. We're known as MiloTeam and SuperMilo here is our studio mascot. Look for us at upcoming conventions! From there we hope to catch the eye of a larger publisher such as Darkhorse and have the comic series picked up by them and seen in your local comic book stores everywhere!

If you live near Winston Salem, NC, look forward to possibly seeing our collected works on sale at $Salefish Comics at the corner of Silas Creek and Hanes Mall Blvd and Empire Comics at the corner of Hickory Tree Crossing and Highway 150!

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